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Restore Rabbit Equipment

Your Local Residential & Commercial Underground Water Leak Detection Experts

A water leak from a busted pipe or sewer can happen at any moment, even underground or under the slab of your home / business.  If left unfixed, a water leak from underground water lines can cause prolonged damage to your foundation. A professional underground water leak detector should be called asap to locate the leaking pipe. Our trained technicians use advanced electronic leak detection equipment to locate the exact placement of the water leak.

Restore Rabbit has 24/7 emergency response teams ready to act right away when you need water leak detection.  We specialize in underground leak detection, infrared leak detection, water damage cleanup, mitigation, and restoration. Call Restore Rabbit today.

Underground Water Leak Detection Near You

Restore Rabbit is your local Lakeland and Central Florida community experts when its comes to leak detection, water damage, flood damage and fire damage restoration. We have over a decade of experience and hold ourselves to the highest industry standards. Remember to trust the pros with the best in cleaning and restoration certification.  We are independently owned and operated locally and our customers experience is the most important to us. Therefore we do whatever it takes to restore your life and home back to normal!

Serving: Hillsborough, Polk, Seminole, Orange, & Lake County

Restore Rabbit Equipment

Emergency Leak Detection

We’re here to help for any water emergency in Lakeland and Central Florida; including: leaking appliances, leaking and busted pipes, slab leaks, storm and flood water damage. Call Restore Rabbit any time 24/7. We enjoy working in our own communities and restoring peoples lives back to normal. Water Leaks can truly disrupt your family and life. Trust the pros at Restore Rabbit!

Restore Rabbit - Water Damage Cleanup, Fire Restoration & Clean Up, Mold Remediation, Leak Detection

Leak Detection & Water Damage Restoration Process

  1. When you notice a water leak in your home or business, call our 24/7 emergency number to take action right away. Prior to our arrival we will attempt to guide you through turning off your water supply. This will prevent further water from entering your home and causing more damage. Quick action here can be the difference between losing valuables or not.
  2. When our team arrives we will quickly access your home, or business, and begin inspection, cleaning and restoration. Our certified technicians will locate the source of the problem and assist in eliminating the source of the water. Stopping the source of the water must happen before we can begin restore services.  Restore Rabbit is the industry best in leak detection.
  3. Restore Rabbit will document all affected areas with our moisture meters and IR cameras. This is important for any insurance claim that may be filed. Then get right to removing standing water with our commercial grade extractors. Water removal is important to extract most of the water in an area to allow the drying equipment to work efficiently.
  4. Now the drying process begins and is the most important part of the water damage restoration process. Moisture readings and Institution of inspection cleaning and restoration certification (IICRC) dry standards determine the amount of equipment needed. We only use the best equipment and the highest industry standards to thoroughly and quickly dry your home. We set up air movers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers to professionally dry your home or business.
  5. A dedicated certified technician will monitor equipment and take all necessary readings to determine when the affected areas are dry. This is important to prevent mold growth. Once all areas are determined fully dry, the removal of equipment will begin.
  6. Restore Rabbit completely assists in filing directly with your insurance company. This is another way we help remove the stress of water damage repair.  We fully document the entire process to ensure your insurance claim is handled correctly and you have proper documentation.

Underground Water Leak Detector Rental

Water leak detection should be left to the professionals to locate the exact location of the water leak. Our non-invasive acoustic leak detection equipment will pinpoint a leaks location, so minimal demolition is needed to access water pipes. A high water bill or standing water in the yard can be a sign up a water leak. You can check your water meter for a leak by turning off all water sources in your home and check the water meter for movement. If you can not find the source of leak in your home than underground leak detection may be needed!

The Leak Wizard

Restore Rabbit is simply the best at finding your residential or commercial water leaks. Our technicians have personally found hundreds of leaks. Before you start digging or breaking up concrete where you see water, call your Lakeland water leak detectors. Sometimes a water leak on your lower level can be from an underground leak in a different raised part of your home or business. Don’t cause any unneeded damage before you have a professional locate the exact location.

Find Leaks

Have you suddenly lost pressure in a shower that was higher before? Are you running out of hot water much faster than normal? These are also signs of underground water leaks.  You may not be able to determine exactly where a leak is but you can narrow it down before a professional arrives. Look for water around your home, inside and out. Listen for the sound of running water. A hiss sound can indicate a water supply line break. I flowing or rolling sound can indicate a busted waste line.

Slab Leak Specialist

Slab Leaks are leaks from water lines or waste lines under your home. They can cause your utility bill to rise and you may not even notice it. If your utility meter is spinning at the street when all appliances are off, you NEED to have a trained leak detector find the leak for you. We will pinpoint the location to minimize the amount of area cut open in your home to repair a water leak.

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