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Here Are Some Tell-Tale Signs You Have A Leak

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Start by looking for standing water around your home, inside and out (no, not just rain-water pooling). Listen for the sound of running water; a hiss sound can indicate a water supply line break. A flowing or rolling sound can indicate a broken waste line. You may not be able to determine exactly where a leak is coming from, but you can narrow it down before a professional arrives. If there is rushing water or visible water, turn off the water supply right away and call our professional emergency service.

Have a high water bill?

High utility bills are a common first sign that a water leak may exist and you need to call a leak detection specialist.

Have you suddenly lost pressure in a shower? Running out of hot water faster than normal?

These are signs of underground water leaks, or a water heater that is ready to go out. Standing water inside or in the yard can also be a sign of a water leak.

Water Meter Spinning Out Of Control? … It could be a Slab Leak

Sometimes a water leak on your lowest level can be from an underground leak in a different part of your home or business. Slab Leaks are leaks from water lines or waste lines under your home. They can cause your utility bill to rise and you may not even notice it. If you suspect a slab leak, turn off anything that could use running water in your home / business, then locate the water meter outside. It is normally a small triangle flow meter that spins when water is flowing. If your meter is “spinning”, then this is an indication of a water leak and more than likely this can mean a slab leak or an underground water leak. Contact Us Immediately. 

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Emergency Leak Detection

We’re here to help for any water emergency in Lakeland and Central Florida; including: leaking appliances, leaking and busted pipes, slab leaks, storm and flood water damage. Call Restore Rabbit any time 24/7. We enjoy working in our own communities and restoring peoples lives back to normal. Water Leaks can truly disrupt your family and life, Trust the pros at Restore Rabbit!

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